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Owen Campbell has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old and is one of Australias most talented slide guitar players and songwriters, with his gravelly blend of blues, roots, soul and country, with a voice that belies his young age.

Along with his unflinching ability to sing it sweet and play it dirty, he creates a perfect blend of melody thats simple but right, as is the way with the blues

Described as Possibly one of the best performers to come out of Australia for quite sometime, amazing lap steel slide guitar and a song writing ability that belies his years (Argus News Ireland),

Campbell combines a moving, gutsy, old time sound that marries authenticity with incredible energy.

Its honest music that tells a story, rich with influences from The Band, Van Morrison, Townes Van Zandt, a little Johnny Cash, and the raspy emotion of Ray Lamontagne, Campbells bluesy drawl melded with a soulful slide guitar, beckons his audience to join him in his steamy, swampy, growling world.

Owen has been touring non-stop, impressing audiences all over the globe, from Ireland and the UK, Denmark, Italy, India, Austria, Germany AND Papua New Guinea! From the highest blues festival in the world; The Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu (2008/2010), Nepal, as well as at home in Australia. His 2nd Album Sunshine Road has been in the Australian Blues Radio Charts for most of 2011!

Be sure not to miss out on a show near you!

Owen is something different. The music issuing forth was Australian, bluesy and interesting.. Irish News,2009

The man was on fire,this is a seasoned musician Sydney Morning Herald 2012

Possibly one of the best performers to come out of Australia for quite sometime, amazing lap steel slide guitar and a songwriting ability that belies his years


(Robert) Owen is something different,the music issuing forth was Australian blues,raunchy and interesting.

– THE IRISH NEWS Ireland 2009

Sunshine Road- An Outstanding Release ARTSOUND FM 2011

Australian sunshine brightens up rainy Copenhagen.. POLITIKEN,Copenhagen Denmark 2011

An Artist that shouldnt be missed, Aussie blues singer Owen Campbell, who for his 27 years has a striking voice and guitar skills THE CPH POST, Copenhagen Denmark 2011

Louise and Annabel said11 days ago

Blown away by you and your music. Soul food. When are you coming to the UK again, Owen?
Hope you are well.Wished Wed seen you busking in the
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Bohdan Babyn said14 days ago

Hi Owen,
Im 53 yrs. old, I like all types of music. I know talent when I hear it and am a huge fan. I live in Edmonton Alberta, CANADA. Any plans to break into North America for tours in the near future? I realize you likely have to get big enough to be noticed by the music industry, producers, etc., BUT: I also think they need to take notice of you sooner than later & make it happen. I tell all my friends, neighbors about your music and give them your web address and response is always 1000% positive! Keep up the good work, and please come to Canada some day! Promise me you wont ever get too commercial with your music and stay true to yourself OK?
Best Regards! Bohdan
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Musa said21 days ago

Love ur music. I am originally from gambia(africa) and first time I saw u was in youtube . Av to say u are up there in d list of the greatest singers IMO. Love love . I would try my very best to get those cds of urs.
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Nils Flores said22 days ago

Hi Owen,

I love what youre creating. Its been many years since I actually tuned down my interest in MUSIC. But listening to your stuff is the best thing Ive experienced for a long, long time.
Keep it real!
Are you performing in Malta soon by any chance?

thank you for doin what you do,
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JSue said28 days ago

Need to play at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2014! We will be there!
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Nikos saidabout 1 month ago

Great job man from Geneva, Switzerland.
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david funderburk saidabout 1 month ago

We would love to see you in Atlanta, Ga.
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Sarah said2 months ago

Hi Owen,
Just came across your music on radionational. I love your music. I have trouble keeping track of great artists, but believe me your music is just what I need right now!
I notice that in your current tour you will be missing Sydney town dont blame you one bit, but it means I cannot see you live!
I will buy an album.


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Andre said3 months ago

Awesome, truly amazing. A Mountain Home is such a beauty! You got yourself a fan in Brazil, bro! Cheers!
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Chris Bomia said3 months ago

CHEERS From Michigan!

It doesnt get better than to put your music on around a campfire up North, It gets everyone in the mood and just blows people away. Remember MoTown is always welcome to all varieties of music. Please come to Detroit!
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Jason Santos said4 months ago

Hi Owen,

I watched youtube and seen the rise of your career from your auditions last year its been a hell of a journey and I am glad you career is now on rise. By the way just like you to know that you have fans here in Asia here in the philippines. keeup up your good music and good attitude and hope when i visit Australia i can watch your shows.

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Monique said4 months ago

I listen to your CD nearly every day on my 2 hours of driving to and from work. I could never get bored with the variety of songs and instrumentals. My husband is now a fan and we cant wait for your new album. Hope to see you in Qld soon. Thanks for the music.
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greg said5 months ago

Owen, you need to come up to Louisiana and spend some time. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is calling your name. . You could easily make this your second home.
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Bryan Tribble said6 months ago

come to California and really get appreciated at several concert halls in our area.
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Mikhail Zenon said9 months ago

Hey Owen,

I was in a rush today for an appointment in the city. I heard you performing in Pitt St Mall and had to stop to listen to two songs. Bought your CD and am enjoying the hell out of it right now man. Keep the passion going. Youve got some crazy talent and youre exactly what our society needs right now.


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Matt said9 months ago

Big fan one of the best musicians Ive heard in a long time. Youve just gained a fan in Canada
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Maria said10 months ago

Great album thanks OwenIm sure the neighbours are loving it too but I guess I should turn it down so they buy it themselves & boost your sales! Loved your intimate concert in Katoomba last night. I felt very privileged to be there. Sure hope to see you again one day. Every best wish for your future & your happiness.
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De Vlieghere Martin said10 months ago

Hey Owen,

ik heb u cd goed ontvangen in Belgiƫ.De muziek is prachtig en ik ben een enorme fan van slide guitar (acoustic + dobro)Kunt u mij iets laten weten als u een nieuwe album op de markt brengt. ik hoop nog veel blues liefst met slide te mogen beluisteren. prachtige muziek en teksten doe zo verder.
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Craig Cowell said10 months ago

Hi Owen, your album arrived yesterday. If your ever in Manchester UK, give me a shout. Theres plenty to eat and space at my house to rest those weary bones after a hard days gigging. Youd be welcome any day. Keep on inspiring!
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jean claude thomas said10 months ago

hello from France, i just received your CD, its a great job, thanks a lot.
i wish you a long road
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Pavel Zeman I. said11 months ago

Awesome music I hope that you will have concert in Czech republic I would like to also buy your CD, but I dont know how sending it to Czech republic is more expensive than usuall Do you have in plans to sell it also in Europe?
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Kim said12 months ago

Excited to receive your CD in the mail yesterday and havent stopped playing it since. Your music will be a staple in my collection alongside James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Youre such an amazing singer song writer; I look forward to following your career as your popularity grows, as I have no doubt it will. Its so refreshing to finally have someone out there that isnt another manufactured entertainer. Just pure talent.
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Alan said12 months ago

Saw your show last night at the Basement. Seriously great loved it.

Best of luck hope to see you again.

Everyone do yourself a favour if you get the opportunity to see Owen perform dont hesitate.

I bought the CD fabulous.

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Niels said12 months ago

I really enjoy listening to Ownes music. His music is so original and, has so much depth and soul to it. I never get tired of listening to his CD. Great words, great music, just great sound. I am looking forward to the CD. If Owen ever gets close to the Nashville area, let us followers know we will be there to hear his tunes.

Owens style is so very unique and please dont change for the maasives. It great to know that someone writes and plays music because he loves doing it. Keep cranking out the great sounds and in your time between traveling put together another great CD.

Big fan in the US.
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Sarrayha saidabout 1 year ago

I bought a few of his songs and was like oh my gooooodddd <3" and then i saw him on AGT and got so excited aha. Absoloutely amazing musician, exactly the music i love- thank you sooo much <3 Add Reply Anita saidabout 1 year ago Please please come to Brisbane!! I would kill to see you live. Have just purchased your album and am looking forward to receiving it and playing it on repeat. Wishing you every success! Anita Add Reply Victoria saidabout 1 year ago Watching you from Taiwan. So disappointed you didnt get through to the finals. You were the only reason I kept watching. You are amazing! Keep doing what you are doing. Add Reply Ryan saidabout 1 year ago Hey Owen, I have came across your vid on not originally a fan of blues..but since then, i just cant stop listening to your songs..u have an incredible talent..keep up the good work, and wish u all the best. Cheers, Ryan