Five Pinterest Tips To Visually Attract Your Audience

Pinterest is the newest success story in the Internet. From being the obscure social media two years ago it has risen towards greatness and even battling the industry’s big boys. In fact, Pinterest is being tagged this early as the next big thing in social media. The potential of this social media sent marketers drooling. The numbers that this social network is crunching of late is nothing short of phenomenal. The rise of this social media is so fast that it is akin to the escape velocity.
This is why businesses have been trooping to Pinterest to attract customers and push brand awareness. Pinterest has demonstrated its capability to capture audiences and drive traffic and sales. It is a dependable site to convert leads into sales.
To succeed in Pinterest you need to know how it works. Pinterest is different from StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus because it combines two ancient ideas and gave it a modern twist. It fused social networking and social discovery through images. If you want to know the secret to succeed in Pinterest here are five tips that will surely improve your chances in winning more customers and get better sales.
Tip No. 1: Be interesting
Pinning interesting pictures is the key in attracting your audience. Just like in the real world, interesting things acts like a magnet that will attract people to your boards. Make sure that the pictures that you post are unique and can easily catch the fancy of your followers. About 80 percent of the pins on Pinterest are from re-pins. If you are able to pin unique and original pictures you join a select elite that pins original content. This sets you apart from the majority which only repeats old news over and over again.
Tip No. 2: Know your followers
Knowing who follows you can help you customize content. Since Pinterest deals with pictures, knowledge of your followers will guide your marketing plan as far as the kind of pins you put on your boards. The information can also help you create custom boards which can also generate interest or attract followers which can help you drive referral traffic and brand awareness for your products and offerings.
Tip No. 3: Pin to win
The way you pin or re-pin has a crucial role to play in attracting customers. That is why it is advisable to pin from a variety of sources not just rely on a single site. When you upload an image it is important that you insert the URL. This allows you have that golden opportunity to drive that all important referral traffic which Pinterest is famous for.
Tip No. 4: Less words more pictures
Pinterest draws its strength on images. It is easy to turn off followers with lengthy descriptions and captions. Make it short and sweet and be sure to include important keywords. It is easy to ruin the moment with a picture by exhausting the 500-word limit for descriptions on Pinterest.
Tip No. 5: Follow your followers
There is nothing that can attract followers if you follow them. It worked on Twitter, it can work on Pinterest.
Pinterest is a unique platform that can give you a boost in business. If you play it smart you can reap the benefits sooner than you expect. The important thing to do is to spend time and get familiar with it. The more you use it, the faster it grows which can be good for your marketing efforts.

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